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Cooper designs and manufactures a wide range of tyres designed for use in various consumer, commercial and motorsport applications.  However, Cooper does not presently manufacture any tyres that are designed to be used on caravans or motorhomes (CP tyres). 

Some garages or consumers may be improperly selecting certain Cooper tyres for use on caravans or motorhomes.  Presently, we do not recommend any Cooper tyres for use on caravans or motorhomes, as we do not design any of our tyres for such use.  Accordingly, the use of any Cooper tyre on a caravan or motorhomes will void any warranty associated with that tyre, and no concessions will be given if a tyre that has been used on a caravan or motorhome is returned to us for any reason.

If you have questions regarding the selection of an appropriate tyre for use on a caravan or motorhome, we recommend that you consult the applicable owner’s manual or contact the caravan or motorhome manufacturer directly to identify tyres (other than Cooper tyres) which may be suitable for such use.

Improper use on Caravans

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Improper use on Caravans
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