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Cooper Tire Europe equips mountain search and rescue teams across the UK

MELKSHAM, UK, JUNE 9, 2020 – Cooper Tire Europe has increased its involvement in UK mountain search and rescue operations by providing support to teams across England and Wales. As part of the initiative, several teams are now equipped with tires from Cooper’s extensive 4x4 range.

Cooper initially entered the mountain search and rescue sector by equipping the South Snowdonia Search & Rescue Team (SSSART). Under the umbrella of the Mountain Rescue England and Wales organisation, supply has rapidly expanded to half a dozen search and rescue teams with the addition of: North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team; Oldham Mountain Rescue Team; Kinder Mountain Rescue Team; Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team; and Exmoor Search and Rescue Team.

Most teams use modified Land Rover Defenders to tackle the demanding landscapes and conditions they encounter, with Cooper’s Discoverer® S/T MAXX™ P.O.R. and Discoverer® STT PRO™ P.O.R. being the most popular tire fitments utilised. Both tires feature ground-breaking Armor Tek³® Construction, which provides durability and puncture resistance. Alongside this, the Discoverer® S/T MAXX™ P.O.R. boasts a cut and chip resistant tread compound, and stone ejector ribs, while the Discoverer® STT PRO™ P.O.R. uses alternating shoulder lugs to enhance traction in mud and soft surfaces.

Michiel Kramer, Sales and Marketing Director, Cooper Tire Europe, said, “We are very proud to supply tires to many of the mountain rescue teams in operation across England and Wales. While the hundreds of dedicated volunteers spend their time helping others, we want to help them carry out their roles as efficiently as possible by providing high-quality, durable tires for search and medical vehicles.”

Simon Thresher, Vehicles Officer, Mountain Rescue England and Wales, said, “Mountain rescue teams are called out at a moment’s notice – any time, day or night, in all weather. We operate across many different terrains and rely heavily on our vehicles. Cooper tires give rescue teams the ability to get team members and equipment safely to where they are needed, ensuring that cold, injured or lost members of the public get help. As Mountain Rescue England and Wales is 100 percent voluntary, we rely on the generosity of the public and companies like Cooper.”

Dave Eustace, Deputy Team Leader, Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, said, “Those in need of mountain rescue are often cold, anxious and injured. It is important that we get to them as soon as possible to help. For Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, this often involves driving off-road and up difficult tracks. This can be particularly challenging at night or in poor conditions like snow and ice. Cooper tires give us confidence to drive our Land Rovers safely and effectively on our rescue operations.”

For individual pages on the aforementioned teams, including details of their operating areas, fleets and tire choices, go to the Cooper Tire Europe website: www.coopertire.eu.

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