Discoverer S/T MAXX P.O.R. Discoverer S/T MAXX P.O.R.

Discoverer S/T MAXX P.O.R.

Armor-tek³ Carcass Construction:
Cooper’s proven, class-leading 3-ply Armor-Tek3 construction contributes to the durability of the S/T MAXX P.O.R. by adding strength to the sidewall and tread area. A unique angled ply construction absorbs and helps dissipate tyre impact forces that can damage a tyre in harsh off-road conditions.

Hybrid 4-5 Rib Tread Pattern:
The alternating 4-5 rib tread pattern gives a bold look, while providing enhanced on- and off-road performance.

Asymmetric Dual Draft Tread Element Walls:
The asymmetric and dual draft angles along the tread element walls aid in reducing stone retention and stone drilling and increases their resistance to cutting and chipping when used in gravel or off-road applications.

Stone Ejector Ribs:
Strategically placed ribs within the lateral grooves of the tread design help to discharge stones and resist stone drilling.

Rut Guard Rib:
A continuous rut guard is strategically placed in the upper sidewall area of the tyre, to deflect objects and provide for increased abrasion resistance in tough, uneven terrain.

M+S Rated and Studdable.


EU label exempt – Professional Off Road (P.O.R.).

Size Service description Recommended rim width Approved rim width Section width Overall diameter Green rating
55 Series
LT305/55R20121/118Q9.58.5 - 11.0316844
60 Series
LT265/60R18119/116Q8.07.5 - 9.5272775
LT265/60R20121/118Q8.07.5 - 9.5272826
LT305/60R18121/118Q9.08.5 - 11.0311823
65 Series
LT265/65R17120/117Q8.07.5 - 9.5274776
LT305/65R17121/118Q9.08.5 - 11.0311828
70 Series
LT245/70R16118/115Q7.06.5 - 8.0250750
LT245/70R17119/116Q7.06.5 - 8.0248776
LT265/70R16121/118Q8.07.0 - 9.0272778
LT265/70R17121/118Q8.07.0 - 8.5272804
LT285/70R17121/118Q8.57.5 - 9.5292832
LT295/70R17121/118Q8.58.0 - 10.0299846
LT315/70R17121/118Q9.58.5 - 11.0323874
75 Series
LT225/75R16115/112Q6.06.0 - 7.0223744
LT245/75R16120/116Q7.06.5 - 8.0248774
LT245/75R17121/118Q7.06.5 - 8.0248800
LT255/75R17111/108Q7.06.5 - 8.5254815
80 Series
LT255/80R17121/118Q7.06.5 - 8.5255840
85 Series
LT235/85R16120/116Q6.56.0 - 7.5235806
High Flotation Series
31x10.50R15 LT109Q8.57.0 - 9.0262775
33x12.50R15 LT108Q10.08.5 - 11.0318826
35x12.50R15 LT113Q10.08.5 - 11.0318877
35x12.50R20 LT121Q10.08.5 - 11.0318877