“Heaven Can Wait, I’m Busy” crew reaches halfway point of The Ultimate Challenge

Thursday 6 June 2013

The remarkable “Heaven Can Wait, I’m Busy” team – a group of retired pensioners with a spirit of adventure – has made it to the halfway mark of its round-the-world trip, dubbed “The Ultimate Challenge.”
The group of septuagenarians, which is aiming to cover 16,500 road miles in 150 days in two Suzuki Jimnys running on Cooper Discoverer A/T3 tyres, set off on its incredible journey from Southampton on Easter Sunday. The pensioners last week made it through a remote 2,300-mile stretch through Mongolia before re-entering Russia, marking the midpoint of their “Ultimate Challenge” – a sponsored expedition raising money for a variety of charities, including Save the Children.
The road conditions in the opening stages of the route were fairly good, with the team travelling through Belgium, Germany and Poland with relative ease, however, this soon changed as the crew drove further east.
Faced with some of the worst roads in the world – some with potholes nearly a foot deep – the Cooper Discoverer A/T3s fared extremely well in the harsh driving conditions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The latter has thus far been the most challenging country for the retirees. The team, in their  two Jimnys, covered 1200 miles from west to east, 800 of which were sand track, while half of the 400 surfaced miles were “pothole-ridden at best.”
Remarking on his experiences with the Cooper A/T3 rubber, Project Director and expedition mastermind, Les Carvall said, “What can I say? Our Cooper tyres have carried the two Jimnys 11,000 miles over the most extreme roads. They’ve dealt with unbelievable road conditions in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and, above all, Mongolia.
“The sure-footed all-terrain Cooper tyres and the two Suzuki Jimnys have made for an unbeatable combination that will carry us to the end of our journey.”
Sarah McRoberts, Marketing Communications Manager for Cooper Tire Europe, congratulated the team on its efforts so far, saying, “On behalf of everyone at Cooper Tire Europe, I’d like to congratulate the team on their achievements so far, raising money for some fantastic causes.
“Les and the team have chosen a particularly difficult route, travelling across some of the world’s worst roads and we’re very happy to hear that the Cooper A/T3 tyres are working well in the very challenging and varied conditions. We wish the team all the best as they continue on their expedition.”
The team’s progress through 16 countries and across three continents can be monitored on the Heaven Can Wait, I’m Busy website (